Geanne van Arkel

Input for DoS 2017: Workshop Consumption
In this interactive workshop, students will learn how applying biomimicry – learning from nature – thinking
and working in interdisciplinary themes are essential for developing true sustainable
solutions on product, process and system level.

And they will even have the possibility to get ideas on questions or topics they have themselves,
such as circular economy, biobased economy, inclusive business models
and the Sustainable Development Goals.

About her:
Geanne van Arkel
Head of Sustainable Development
Interface EMEA

Geanne has a creative, strategic approach for embedding sustainability within organizations and is working for Interface for over fourteen years. She sees sustainable development as a key driver for innovation, believing in full product transparency based on life cycle and the need for cross-sectoral cooperations to realize a low carbon circular and biobased economy. Creating sustainable value by addressing both ecological and societal issues in inclusive business models, related to the core business of a company is the only way to thrive. Therefor she is using the principles of both biomimicry, The Natural Step and The Blue Economy. In her opinion sustainability is about applying a new set of values so you can start to see success through a fresh pair of eyes. It’s about redefining the long game while being more effective in the short – building a better while contributing to a better world.
Interface is working on what nowadays is called the circular economy since for over 20 years. The company embraced the concept of circular design by inventing the carpet tile in the fifties being a modular flooring. Interface was one of the first companies to publicly commit to sustainability, when it made a pledge in 1994 to eliminate its impact on the environment by 2020 and to become a restorative company. And with it’s beyond 2020 mission Climate Take Back, the company wants to take the next step to regenerative.